Words from the Heart

I received the letter below from a dear friend. In the era of emails and text messages, it was a pleasant surprise to get a written note from someone I know.  As started reading it, her words reminded me of the incredible responsibility and influence a father has on a young woman’s life. I was pretty blown away by her words and truly touched by this letter.  A copy of it now sits in my nightstand.

Dear A,

I am so grateful to call you friend, but blessed to call you brother. You have helped me through some of the hardest points of my life. You always have a listening ear, an open heart, and words of advice. I thank God that you keep a level head in moments I can’t. I thank God for your marriage. Your love, devotion, and respect towards your wife did something more important than any words could do – it reminded me that I am worthy of love and that I have value.

I guess where I’m going is that I know with every fiber of my being that you will be an amazing father to two beautiful girls. Don’t let life overwhelm you or become too important that family becomes second, third, or even fourth. I know, I know, you sit there and say, “That will NEVER happen!” And honestly, it may not, but as the girls get older, a few excuses can turn into a habit of overbooking, shortened time, and jumbled schedules.

Brother, I speak from a heart of love and a heart of hurt. My father wasn’t always the man he is today yet as the years went on and life started to happen, the balancing act of life turned into a juggling act…it becomes so easy to say yes to an additional work project or committee. You don’t have to miss a major event for your presence to be missed. Brother, you will always be their father, but you only have a limited time to become their foundation of how they should be treated, qualities they should expect from their spouse, and how love is given and shown.

In the package, you’ll find two books. The smaller one is one of quotes for fathers. Some of them are pretty funny. The second is written from a research perspective but makes a ton of good points regarding fatherhood. By the end of this year, you’ll have three women who are you solely dependent on you and who are yours to love. You are blessed, and in turn, all those who you interact with are blessed as well.

Remember to love- act in love, show love, and respond in love. Thank you for being a man that I respect, look up to, and love. My world would be so different without you in it. – CJ

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