My Little Bumblebee


Two weeks ago, my daughter received a temporary tattoo of a bumblebee on her hand while we were at fall festival.  She loved the tattoo and over the next several days, she’d look her hand and yell, “Beee!” before letting out a small giggle. Since she loved her tattoo so much, we decided at the last minute to get her a bumblebee costume for Halloween.

She loved her costume and after the morning parade and Halloween themed snack time at her school, she  fell asleep in her antennas. This was her first Halloween since she started to walk, so as parents, we were also pretty excited for Halloween and to go trick or treating this year , After she received several pieces of candy from our neighbor to kick off the evening, she proceeded to run to the homes in our neighborhood and filled her bag with treats. After visiting around fifteen homes, she was completely worn out which promptly ended our trick or treating for the year. Her outfit and sheer excitement made her the hit of the neighborhood and landed her more candy in fifteen homes than most children would get in fifty.

I have to say, moments like this really make life sweet.

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1 Comment on My Little Bumblebee

  1. Cute. Reminds me of my little one. Only mine only made it to three homes, lol!

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