Cocaine for Children

I wrote this in 2004 while I was in graduate school. After witnessing a small child inhale copious amounts of Pixie Sticks and candy  while his father (a university professor) responded to messages on his phone, the child unexpectedly screamed, “I am on FIRE!”  and took off running through the doors and out of the building. The father stammered up, mumbled “sh#t!”, and took off after him.

I can’t help but smile when I look at this poem. Enjoy.

Pixie Stick Dreams

cocaine for
processed sugar
shot into the bloodstream
makes the little gremlin
kick and scream
endless energy
until the rush makes
him crash
oh, he didn’t know
that high wouldn’t last.

About Birthed into Fatherhood -Andre Moore (101 Articles)
Food, Family, and Travel Writer. Emergency Manager in Metro Atlanta and Business Owner. Husband and Proud Dad. Seton Hall Alum.

2 Comments on Cocaine for Children

  1. I actually laughed out loud!!!

  2. I can not stop laughing at the kid and his dads reaction. Thanks for that ❤

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