Should you hire a Birth Photographer?

First moments

Other than a handful of blurry cell phone photos, there is no visual record of the birth of our first daughter. Even though we’ve accumulated over 10,000 photos since then, we will never be able to recreate those precious moments that brought our daughter into this world. Even now, I can’t fully recall large parts of the 30+ hour birth due to fatigue and a myriad of challenges during our home birth that ultimately landed us in the emergency room. Most parents walk away from their birth journey and into parenthood without a way to mark the powerful transition. For our second birth, we decided to hire a birth photographer. Even though birth photography may not be for everyone and was another unplanned expense for us, it proved to be invaluable.

Before I continue, I have to give a shout out to our talented birth photographer. If you are in the Atlanta area, please consider Heather Goodbread Photography for your birth and family photography needs. She surpassed our expectations and took photos that we will cherish forever.

So what are the benefits to hiring a birth photographer? Read on to find out!

Specialized Equipment

Just as your mechanic has access to tools, technology, and specialized techniques, your birth photographer has equipment and lenses that will create stunning images in all conditions. This is especially important in low light conditions since your baby’s eyes will be incredibly sensitive to light in those first moments.  Your iPhone can’t take pictures like this!

Quality Work from a Professional

It’s important to capture the moments that are leading up to the big moment, similar to the way a wedding photographer is able to capture angles and moments that you’d never see. Birth partners and the mother can get so focused during the labor, that it becomes difficult to notice anything else that is going on around you. It’s more than photos of vagina, placenta, and blood! Birth photographers are able to tastefully shoot body parts and creatively hide nudity without staging the photos. Even though my mom was more than a little reluctant to initially look at our birth photos, she was thoroughly impressed with the quality and finished product.

Better Hospital Experience

According to Becker’s Hospital Review, there were 3.6 billion dollars paid in medical malpractice payouts and lawsuits. Having a photographer capture every moment of your birth in a hospital setting will also ensure that the staff will follow every procedure to make sure that the mother and baby are doing well during and after the birth. No one wants to deal with a lawsuit!

For us, it was comforting to know that we had a member of our birth team solely devoted to documenting this once in a lifetime experience. IF we have more children, we will certainly hire a birth photographer again.

…because they only take their first breath once.” – Unknown

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