Depend – Not just for the Elderly

Baby Boomers- Birthed into Fatherhood

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Dad Central Consulting for Depend. I received products samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.” 

In its most recent survey of for prostate cancer, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that next to skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men. It is the second most common cause of death from cancer among white, African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Hispanic men, and the fourth most common cause of death from cancer among Asian/Pacific Islander men.

Since I am a Latin scholar, you know I’ll have to drop a little etymology on ya’ll . The word “prostate” comes from the Medieval Latin prostate and Medieval French prostate. The ancient Greek word prostates means “one standing in front”, from proistanai meaning “set before”. The prostate is so called because of its position – it is at the base of the bladder.

After out annual physical for our adult rugby club, my good friend and former collegiate teammate found out that he had prostate cancer. He took care of himself, didn’t drink, exercised regularly and had a fairly stress free life as an elementary school principal. How could he have PROSTATE cancer? After the initial shock of being diagnosed, my friend decided that he would do everything in his power he could to fight it. After two surgeries, my friend found himself dealing with something no 30 year old wants to talk about or admit – incontinence. Even though it was a “temporary” (3+ months) side effect from the surgery, using Depend Underwear with Fit-Flex protection allowed him to return to work and to the rugby field in a matter of weeks. Better yet, the discrete protection of Depend undergarments gave him the security and confidence he needed to once again excel at work and on the rugby pitch.

In addition to treating various health issues, millions of Americans have bladder control issues, also known as incontinence. The condition can affect anyone – not just the baby boomers! Bladder control issues can also affect young people, particularly women who have given birth or men who have been treated for prostate cancer. Many active, social people with bladder control issues live in fear of embarrassment because they worry their incontinence products can’t help them discreetly manage this common condition. To help give them the freedom and confidence they need every day, Depend (, has introduced Depend Underwear with new Fit-Flex protection.

To show the positive impact Depend can make in someones life, the Depend brand is featuring the personal journeys of real people with bladder control issues and highlighting their new found sense of freedom and confidence is a series of inspirational online videos.

Please visit the links below to watch the videos and/or to request a free sample.

Real Stories Videos:

Request a Free Sample:

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