Be a #Dadlete with Russell Active!

Recently, the fine folks at Russell introduced the concept of the Dadlete: Dad + Athlete = Dadlete.

What exactly is a Dadlete?

Since I haven’t seen an official definition in a dictionary, I like to think that this term represents an active and well connected Dad who enjoys a reasonable work/life balance while also continually looking for new and fun ways to keep his family engaged, active, and healthy.

Before having kids and getting married, I competitively played rugby for more than six years. For more than half of those years, I was in college and a member of championship team. We would simply destroy the competition with our aggressively style of play and well-honed tactics that developed from hours of diligent and careful practice.

However, when those nagging injuries start to add up and your knees start to creak and pop, the game leaves you behind.

What doesn’t leave is that competitive fire. That determination and perseverance that you learn the field is going to stay with you all your life. When you’re a competitor, you can use those hard earned skills it to your advantage and succeed in any situation.

I look for clothing that personifies this concept. I seek clothing that is durable, thoughtfully constructed, dependable and comfortable. I live my life and manage my finances in a way where quality is more important than perceived savings for inferior items. That was one of the reasons why I was so excited for the opportunity to review the Russell FreshForce boxer briefs.


FreshForce Boxer Brief and a Fanny Pack!? Thanks Russell! #Dadlete

Until recently, I’ve never actually put that much thought into my undergarments.  I usually picked up the cheap multi pack from the big box store and didn’t think about them agin until I slipped them on. Sometimes they were only mildly uncomfortable, while other times they were SO tight and restrictive in all the wrong places.

As a Dadlete, I realized I shouldn’t be wearing just regular underwear, I need performance underwear! FreshForce is a brand-new line for Russell, which launched in late May. It offers premium softness and multi-stretch fabric provides for all-day comfort.

For Dadletes, the new Russell FreshForceTM performance underwear with moisture wicking and IntellifreshTM technology keeps odor at bay for all-day freshness, while the premium, soft fabric with supportive performance fly gives Dadletes supreme comfort for ‘round-the-clock wear.

It is available in Sport Brief, Short Leg Boxer Brief, Boxer Brief, Long Leg Boxer Brief and Boxer silhouettes so you will find the perfect one for you. With features like Dri-Power 360 moisture-wicking fabric, you’ll stay dry and cool all day.

To pick up your own pack, visit,

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2 Comments on Be a #Dadlete with Russell Active!

  1. Are these boxer briefs only for sports/activities? Or is it also recommended for all day use as for work/casual?

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