Winter #Dadlete Fun with Russell Active!

Russell Active created the idea of the Dadlete. It’s a neat and innovative idea.

Dad + Athlete = Dadlete

Since I haven’t seen an official definition in a dictionary yet, I like to think that this term represents an active dad who enjoys a reasonable work/life balance while also continually looking for new and fun ways to keep his children and family engaged, active, and healthy.

Being a Dad can be challenging at times. Although I feel like I am doing a pretty good job most of the time, I am constantly looking for ways to improve. As we roll into 2018, I’m not making a vague New Year’s resolution this year. I am taking the time now to create a meaningful goal and clear action steps to make it happen!


As a parent, there’s a constant pressure to provide the best of everything for your children. From the best education to the most beautiful home, every parent want their kids to have it all.

With my wife, we’ve worked intelligently and consistently at creating income and supporting a financially viable and comfortable lifestyle. However, spending time with the children is always the highest priority!

There’s a simple reason for this – money can’t buy the precious moments that make our life so sweet – like teaching our daughters how to kick a soccer ball, the spontaneous dance offs, our DIY craft projects that fail miserably, and the late night snuggling on the couch.

I feel like I’ve gotten this parenting thing down pretty good and I’ve finally gone from being the disheveled and utterly exhausted parent to a stylish and well organized dad that can whip up a Béarnaise sauce just as easily as I can slip on my Russell Fusion Knit Fleece. That’s why I am proud to consider myself a true Dadlete.

Even though I may have gained a pound or twenty since I was in college, the Russell Fusion Knit Fleece has a modern look, packs away easily, and is one of my secret weapons to layer up in a way that gives me mobility without looking or feeling like a marshmallow. It’s tag-less back neck label creates the perfect no itch comfort for long days outside.


If you want to go from an average Dad to the ultimate Dadlete, Here are three Life Hacks that can make a huge difference in both you and your family’s life

1. Exercise Together!

This is the best way to ensure emotional and physical health for everyone. And feel free to mix it up! Sometimes we’ll go for a hike, other times we will do yoga, and other times we will play soccer or football in the backyard. When it is done in a fun and supportive environment, both kids and parents can enjoy getting exercise.

2. Eat Together!

It sounds pretty simple, but the sad fact is that the majority of families don’t eat dinner together anymore. It is time to turn off the TV and talk to each other. Some studies suggest that a family dinner may be more important to a child’s academic and personal success than art, homework and religious participation.

3. Read Together!

The affinity kids have for books is timeless. With some imagination, you can transform a mundane children’s story into an action packed thriller! Most importantly, reading at the end of the day provides excellent bonding and is one of my favorite ways to end a long day.

More than anything, it might time to simplify your life.

Over the years, I’ve read dozens of books that were full of complicated action plans and vague life tips that made me feel like I’d have an easier time reading braille or deciphering the Rosetta Stone. Your clothing choices don’t need to be complicated. If you’re looking for well made, comfortable, and stylish clothing with premium softness and multi stretch fabric, consider the Russell Fusion Knit Fleece. It’s available in a wide variety of colors and available at your local Wal- Mart and

Disclosure: I have partnered with Russell Athletic for this promotion.



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