Taking My Best Shot with Daisy Air Rifles

When a certain level of wisdom is attained, you begin to understand that we are never really the owners of any property but merely the caretakers for the generations to come.

My dad had a rough year health wise. At one point, I wasn’t sure if he was going to even make it to 2018. Cancer Sucks.

My love for the outdoors started with my Dad teaching me how to shoot a Daisy pump action air rifle in our backyard. I hit my first bulls-eye at five years old and have been hooked on shooting sports, hunting, and the outdoors ever since. That’s one of the reasons why I am so excited to write my story and partner with Daisy Air Rifles on some fun projects in the new year. Stay Tuned.

I knew the fine folks at Daisy wanted to send my Dad something special for the holidays, but you can imagine our shock when they sent over a factory customized Red Ryder BB gun for my Dad this Christmas. They beautifully etched his name into the stock and the sights were set to hit everything you point at within 40 yards. He was truly touched for such a kind gesture and was nearly brought to tears.

Heirlooms don’t always need to be old, and this gift from Daisy Air Rifles will be enjoyed for years to come.

About Birthed into Fatherhood -Andre Moore (101 Articles)
Food, Family, and Travel Writer. Emergency Manager in Metro Atlanta and Business Owner. Husband and Proud Dad. Seton Hall Alum.

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