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Atlanta based Food Writer, Essayist, Hunter/Angler, and World Traveler. I create meaningful experiences for my family and write about it.

Real Men Use Pinterest

Gentlemen, Pinterest isn’t just a site for women’s projects and fashion tips. It is a never ending resource that will allow you to organize and catalog your ideas and [...]


It’s a Girl!

This was not in our birth plan. A few days ago, my wife gave birth to our daughter Sophia at home… and on our couch!  We certainly did not plan for a home birth, but [...]


Clams on the Half Shell

As I anxiously anticipate the arrival of my second daughter, I can’t help but think of my own childhood and the great men that were in my own life. There were plenty of ups [...]


A life free from pain

Today I am thankful for living a life free of pain. I lived in near constant pain for nearly 12 years after a football injury nearly cost me my life. While in high school, I [...]


A Special Thanks to all Veterans

Today, I am thankful for the millions of Americans who have donned the uniform of service and have valiantly fought to build, improve and defend our nation’s freedom. [...]


Luckiest Guy in the World

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I cannot help but be grateful and full of thanks for all that I have.  Over the next 20 days, I will write about some of these [...]