Bath Time with AVEENO

I am the proud father of two beautiful girls, both under the age of three. As an administrator in college Athletics & Recreation at a top tier university, the days are [...]


How I Met Your Mother

One day, our daughters will ask how we met. Although we may omit certain details until they are a bit older, this is the story we will tell them. Happy Valentine’s Day! [...]

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Should you hire a Birth Photographer?

Other than a handful of blurry cell phone photos, there is no visual record of the birth of our first daughter. Even though we’ve accumulated over 10,000 photos since [...]


The Mighty Mason jar

As a person who was born and grew up in suburban New Jersey, Mason jars were nonexistent in our home.  In my youth, my only encounters with using Mason jars were through our [...]


Clams on the Half Shell

As I anxiously anticipate the arrival of my second daughter, I can’t help but think of my own childhood and the great men that were in my own life. There were plenty of ups [...]


Her first Pumpkin

My daughter painted her first pumpkin over the weekend. And I must say, she did a damn good job. She carefully touched the pumpkin to feel the texture, examined the shape [...]


Like Father , Like Daughter

“I’m gonna watch you shine Gonna watch you grow Gonna paint a sign So you’ll always know As long as one and one is two There could never be a father Who loved [...]


My Favorite Teacher

Earlier this week, I found out that my favorite teacher passed away from pancreatic cancer. Although I’ve had over a hundred teachers and professors since kindergarten, [...]

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Pink Eye

I alluded to this personal hygiene disaster in a previous post, so I figured I should share the entire story. A few weeks ago, I woke up with my right eye sealed shut with a [...]