The Great Outdoors


I love living in the South. It is the perfect mix of moderate weather, low cost of living, and great recreational activities.

I am also lucky to have a National Park as an extension of my own back yard. With a park less than a mile from my home, we visit the park and hike the trails almost daily. My daughters have her own walking sticks and happily spends hours each weekend walking the miles of trails, examining rocks, and watching the birds with me.  Even at  a young age, I notice that being out in nature has a profound effect on them.  I hope to nourish that sense of wonder and love for recreation as we continue to travel to the various National Parks over the next several years.

For those that are interested in geology, Northern Georgia is located in the Upper Piedmont geological region, which is most commonly characterized by stratas of  igneous and  metamorphic igneous rock. This could also explain why these counties with were so rich in gold. Between 1830 and 1959, over 871 thousand ounces of gold were mined in North Georgia.  Although Georgia was a historically important gold producer (especially during the Civil War), the state does not presently produce any gold commercially. Gold is still panned from some of its streams. Try your luck!

Over the next few months, you’ll get to hear more my stories on this website and on our social media channels.

Don’t stop Exploring!


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